What I Do

Substantive Editing

  • Achieve balance and symmetry through logical and coherent structuring of your themes
  • Help you create diverse and interesting characters that live on the page
  • Organize your material into creative expression and riveting storytelling

Copy Editing

  • Achieve stylistic integrity
  • Avoid ambiguity in details and on the whole
  • Attain tone, voice and rhythm appropriate to your subject and aims


  • Guide you to achieve the skills to write better

  • Lead you to organize and summarize your material into a manuscript
  • Help you to find the right voice to describe your setting and characters 
  • Teach you to better understand  how to lead your readers through the stories you tell


  • Give you a voice
  • Develop projects and outlines
  • Realize your ideas
  • Tell your stories and bring your memories to the written page

How Does Editing Work