Bringing your passions, your ideas and your stories to the world of readers


Writer, Editor, Writing Coach

With over 35 years of experience in writing and editing

I can help you turn your project into a polished manuscript or your life into a memoir

Artfully, Clearly, Distinctively, Effectively and Precisely.

What I Do

As an Editor

  • Provide unbiased assessment and honest evaluation of your work

  • Engage in honest discussion and consultation for the completion of your goals and objectives

  • Encourage the development of your ideas

  • Identify and clearly articulate potential problems and areas for revision

  • Offer experienced suggestions for strategies and solutions to improve the work

  • Give hands on supervision during writing and revision for successful completion of the project

As a Writer

  • Transform your ideas and your ambitions into a polished manuscript

  • Tell your story in your voice and bring your memories to life in the written word

As a Coach

  • Help you structure and realize your dream of becoming a writer into a book

Do you have a project you'd like to talk about?